A conveyor belt is mechanical equipment which consists of a continuous moving belt that transports materials or packages from point A to B. Some of these conveyor belts have roller tracks instead of belts. This means that there are different types of these apparatus. They are quite beneficial because they eliminate the labour of having to carry heavy loads and makes things faster. Having them in different types also allows for them to be used in different forms hence they are flexible in this way. You may be in a factory, or airport and you will see rubber conveyor belts and many more. Here are the different ones in detail.


Besides roller tracks, there is the basic belt which consists of two or more pulleys which hold a very long length of material. These basic ones are either operated manually or can be motorized. When the belt is moving forward, so are the items on it moving as well. Conveyor belts of this kind are usually found in parcel delivery and packaging places. This industry often requires a method of relocating material form one point to another as fast as possible with very little human intervention. These rubber conveyor belts are usually installed at waist height so that there is convenient ergonomics, for the staff that is interacting with the materials.


The other type of conveyor belt is called snake sandwich belt. This depends on how it is made and what it is used for. This one doesn’t include roller tracks though. It consists of two separate conveyor belts which are parallel to one another. However they hold the items in place while still moving along the belt. This is usually used to move materials in steep places even 90 degrees high. This type of belt was created in the late 70s’. It is used mainly in the mines to bring rocks up from a mine. Rubber conveyor belts are clearly very useful even for heavy duty material that needs to be transported.


The other type of conveyor belt is called the long belt conveyor system. This one consists of roller tracks, and is used to move material over a long distance. The most important feature that this system has is the fact that it has rollers which have the ability to handle vertical and horizontal curves. This conveyor system is really long as it can reach up to 14km. This is very advantageous because it saves human labour a lot of work of carrying things for long distances. This type of conveyor belt unlike the rubber conveyor belts are used in the mining operations to transport materials form construction sites to buildings sites to even the bottom of the mining pit.


Conveyor belts are basically one of the best to use when you have heavy things to transport. They provide easier and faster working environments, making them more than convenient for any job.These are not a new form of machinery though, as they were used since the 19th century.

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