Increasing readership and engagement is the key to any content marketing strategy, particularly on social media.

However, many marketers, concerned with showing their clients rapid results, focus only on the fastest ways to get content to a readership and being at the top of the news heap at all times.

According to Roland Frasier, a content marketing expert who continually studies processes and systems to increase user engagement, this may not be the right type of thinking.

"If all you care about is numbers, you are not looking at true reader engagement," says Frasier. "While numbers are important, particularly ranking numbers because that is what clients understand, ultimately user engagement is what drives conversion."

Popular metrics to measure engagement may fall short of the goal of measuring true reader reaction, according to Frasier. Unique visitors, page views and time spent per page are all interesting and useful metrics, but they do not tell how many people are taking this information to heart or using it to make decisions. Further, likes and shares, while better at spotting user engagement, do not necessary relate to conversion rates.

Measuring the emotional responses of readers takes much more time, but in the end it may be the only true way to show true user engagement. Combining several metrics such as engaged time, comments and other factors is a much better way to know if readers are actually being motivated by content, according to Frasier.

Furthermore, fast thinking, or instant engagement, should be combined with slow thinking, or long-term engagement, for the best results. This means that marketers must be willing to address both areas of thinking in the ultimate creation of good content.

According to Roland Frasier, on the web at , and , combining a variety of content creation strategies is the best and only way to ensure that readers are engaged across a long arc rather than an instant and fleeting engagement.

With long-arc engagement, readers are much more likely to develop brand loyalty and to ultimately make positive purchasing decisions with a particular company as opposed to the fleeting interest shown by most marketing metrics.

Therefore, combining attention-grabbing headlines or short posts with longer, more valuable content is the only way to ultimately build a brand following. For more information, see

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