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As the real estate market shows indications of improved performance in the Austin area and throughout the country, area plumbing company Roger’s Plumbing has published a post to its online blog explaining how important it is for new homeowners to be aware of their plumbing systems. Included with the general plumbing information are references to specific services Roger’s Plumbing provides for their residential clients in Austin and the surrounding area. While Roger’s Plumbing also provides commercial plumbing services, their recent announcement is specifically aimed at new homeowners, renters and other potential residential clients with plumbing needs.

The first potential plumbing issue for new homeowners mentioned by Roger’s Plumbing in their blog post is a sewage problem. The largest and most complex sewage issues, according to the plumbing company, involve problems with the entire sewage line. Often, damage to the sewage line results in sewage leaks in homeowners’ yards. In the experience of Roger’s Plumbing, there are several common causes of sewage issues. The first cause of sewage issues may be that the line is “bellied,” a plumbing industry term for a sewer line that has sagged due to the weight of the soil, weak piping or a combination of both factors.

Several other underlying causes of sewage line damage are reported. “The line could also be corroded, due to years of wear and tear. Mother Nature can contribute to sewer line problems as well: sometimes broken pipes result from large tree roots growing in the path of your sewer line!” Roger’s explains. In the event of a plumbing emergency like a sewage line issue, professional help like the sewer line repair services of Roger’s Plumbing may be necessary. The technicians employed by Roger’s Plumbing, the Austin plumbing company notes, are equipped with the latest tools and training necessary for residential sewer line issues, the company notes. The company is also able to assist at any stage of the sewer line repair process, whether a preventive inspection is necessary to assess a suspected issue or whether emergency sewer line repair services are needed. More advice for homeowners is available at

Roger’s Plumbing is a family owned and operated plumbing company founded in 1994 by Roger L. Patterson, who still remains active in the business. They take several specific measures in order to provide a positive customer experience including uniformed technicians who undergo both skills and customer service training, as well as a full-refund policy for less than complete customer satisfaction, found at . For more useful plumbing tips, or for more information on the specific plumbing services offered by Roger’s Plumbing, interested parties may visit the company’s website, listed below.

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