Robot BahuRajni to be bitten by a snake in BahuHumariRajni_kant

What happens when a snake bites a Robot?

Life OK’s most popular show BahuHamariRajni_kant created buzz with its unique concept and comical twist and turns. The show brought to us a new avatar of Indian Bahu on TV who is the most efficient daughter-in-law, a great wife, a fabulous cook, a perfectionist in everything she does but is a Robot. But what will happen when a robot will come across a snake?

In an upcoming sequence, there will be huge drama with a ‘snake’ becoming the center of attraction. A snake will enter the Kant house and create havoc. It will ultimately bite Rajni, and the eye witness to this incident will be Surili (Pallavi Pradhan).

However, when Rajni will be unaffected with the snake bite, Surili will be shell-shocked however Rajni will be unaffected. Rajni’s robotic silicon skin will get damaged after the snake bite. The worst part will be that there will be a leakage of her internal fluid. And Surili upon seeing it will be all the more shocked and will come to a conclusion that Rajni has been spitting poisonous venom and is from the snake family.

When asked Ridhima about the same, she said, “In real life I am extremely scared of snakes and can't even look at a picture of it. However shooting for this particular sequence was a lot of fun. Infactuntill an hour before the time of shoot, my makers kept teasing me that there will be a real snake of the set for this sequence which did get to me but gladly there wasn't. Overall the sequence came out very well and audience will definitely have fun watching it.”

How will Rajni tackle this problem? Will Shaan (Karan V Grover) come in to save her skin?

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Atul Malikram