A recently released report by a major cruise line association has revealed that river cruises in Europe are among the main factors contributing to the encouraging growth of the cruising industry as a whole.

The information was contained in the entity’s State of The Cruise Industry report, released last month and containing information culled from all the different partner companies comprised under the association’s umbrella. The same document also evidenced a trend towards growth in 2014 — a welcome change from the previous two years, which represented a difficult time for the cruising industry.

In fact, this year, the 63 cruise lines operated by the association in question are expected to experience a growth of about 400.000 additional passengers, bringing the number from the 21.3 million of 2013 to a healthy 21.7 million. Of these, roughly 55 percent are likely to originate from America, although Europe is likely to contribute about 6.4 million passengers. Travel agents will likewise continue to play an important role in obtaining these passengers, due to the vast number of potential customers they reach out to every year.

Another factor likely to influence this predicted growth are river cruises in Europe, one of the fastest-growing sectors of the industry as a whole. Many major operators of this type of cruise are predicting additions to their fleets in 2014, and new routes are also planned to open this year. The company in question is no exception, as they will be launching a number of variably-sized vessels this year.

Other trends verified in the cruising industry, according to the report in question, include an improvement in on-board technology, a decrease in the average age of passengers (with more young first-time passengers) and a growth in the range of destinations and packages available for cruise enthusiasts. In terms of destinations, the Caribbean will continue to rule, followed by the Mediterranean and Northern Europe. River cruises in Europe are, however, quickly gaining on these mainstays, and may well permeate this ranking in years to come.

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