OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — Many small business owners are trying to understand social media and how it can help their business. The problem is not a lack of information. It’s quite the opposite the web is full of information on social media, which can be overwhelming for the beginner. Rivalhost, a web hosting company with a focus on DDoS protection, has teamed up with social media expert Kim Beasley to offer a free email training series for small business owners.

Small business owners will get the ability to read a weekly blog series that is combined with daily social media tips sent to your inbox. Each email will include actionable advice that will encourage you to accomplish one small task each day. As the series progresses, you will build up not only an understanding of social media, but you will actually be improving your own social media channels every step of the way.

The SBA recently published a post encouraging small business owners to get involved with social media. Statistics show that social media is gaining ground with small businesses and that social media marketing is an effective, lowcost advertising option for businesses of all sizes. A study last year by Nielson indicates that more and more people are connecting to the internet for longer period of times and many are using social media. Think about it: when is the last time you picked up a phone book?

The first post has already been published! If you are ready to get a jump on social media marketing you can sign up on the Rivalhost facebook page or use the sidebar signup form on the Rivalhost blog here: http://blog.rivalhost.com/

We’re looking forward to connecting with you!

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