Airwheel C5 Bluetooth helmet is well known for its built-in mini camera place right ahead the helmet. The smart helmet is becoming extremely popular because of the intelligent walk-camera that records the videos and images for the whole riding journey for riders. Airwheel C5 action camera is changing the riding experience in a completely new way.

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With Airwheel C5 cool street bike helmet, riders are able to take a more relaxing and interesting journey. The built-in mini camera in C5 is an intelligent photographer that helps to record the images of scenery throughout the whole journey. Riders just need to press the button to start video recording and the C5 will be working continuously for photography as the walk-camera is powered by premium battery with the capacity 2000m Ah. The whole-journey video can be well recorded by Airwheel C5 helmet camera.

Airwheel C5 smart helmets is not only working effectively for image recording, the walk-camera is also a brilliant photographer that can produce many high-quality images for riders. C5 is equipped with anti-shake mechanism and is able to capture very clear and high resolution images for riders. Riders are joyful when they watch those high-quality and beautiful images after their each journey, and this is a great enjoyment for them as the videos looks like a short and min movies from their own experiences.

Airwheel C5 sport camera is able to beautify the images in videos as it has premium shooting performances. C5 is able to capture the widest field-of-view and presents better contrast control, so the images captured are clear, beautiful and authentic. Airwheel C5 is well beloved by most young and passionate photographers as it reflects the charm of intelligent photography.

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The amazing Airwheel C5 helmet camera is definitely a high-tech innovation applied to both daily commuting and photography. C5 combines the riding sports with arts of photography and the perfect integration lies in the unique and humanized design concept.

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