Quentin noticed a bleary in his sight and deterioration in his health due to excessive hours of sitting himself before the computer screens without a movement of any part of his body. None of the ways of exercises were satisfying until he was pleased with riding an Airwheel electric scooter.

Quentin, a freelance writer and translator, was to some extent a workaholic and was accustomed to a way of living spending most of his time before simteins his computer writing his own novels or translating the book or commercial paper assigned by his customers. Being indulged in the work related to words and literature was something that he truly loved and he enjoyed the feeling of being engaged at the very beginning.

However, it didn’t last long. He found his vision gradually grown hazy. What’s worse, he felt uncomfortable with his neck as well and he was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis, known as a pain in one’s neck. He was concerned about the bleary in his vision and the deteriorating of health condition and the doctor warned him not to expose himself too long a time in front of his working bench and do more exercises every now and then each day with the expectation that the situation won’t be worse.

Following the doctor’s advice, Quentin tried many ways of exercising and none of them was satisfying. While Quentin has never been a sport lover, he took a dislike to almost every kind of exercise, including jogging and playing basketball. He was just a literary lover who preferred to be alone and did something he really liked. He cannot stand the sweat running down his back after doing the exercises. Later on, he did find a way of exercising fitting him and that is riding an Airwheel electric scooter.

Differing from jogging or jumping the rope, riding an intelligent scooter was kind of an exercise which could be accomplished indoors where an air conditioner was equipped. What a relief for Quentin who disliked to be exposed to the outside world and to be wet through with sweat.

More importantly, riding an Airwheel self-balancing scooter is sort of sport requiring the cooperation of one’s body and brain at the same time to keep balance. Good for mental and physical health!

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