16, March 2016: Spring is the best season for traveling. Away from the cold weather, everyone wants to go outside for taking a fresh air. But how to choose the transportation will be the first question for each of you. Airwheel S5 electric scooter or X8 single wheel scooter will be the convenient, practical and safe transportation.


S5 two-wheeled self-balancing electric scooter is specially developed as the personal exclusive SUV transport, which is also called the wildest model by Airwheel. Many people like the excited feeling and recognize S5 as the best one. By riding the electric scooter S5, riders gather all the energy and passion since it has the most powerful motor and power bank in Airwheel family. The battery cores of Airwheel S5 are increased to 680 Wh and the motors 1800W.

The specially designed splash guard which is made of aviation aluminum of S5 has better loading capacity due to this material’s high strength, high hardness and lighter mass. Therefore, it can be used for supporting tool box, camera and headlight etc. This design of the two wheeled electric scooter S5 is very practical for outdoor traveling and brings great convenience to riders.


Another scooter which can be also used for wild traveling is X8 electric unicycle. The 16-inch wheel hub installed in the tire minimizes rolling angle and optimizes grip effect. The special tire texture design is very strong. Even if riders are making a small turn, X8 will be absolutely safe for riders. Besides, the inside intelligent system of X8 can ensure the dynamic balancing during riding and meanwhile it will give signal when meeting safety problems.

Green grass, beautiful flowers and warming air are waiting for your coming in the coming spring. It is time for you to ride your favorite scooter, S5 or X8, to go for spring outing.

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