In 2017, there has been a re-emergence of low-carbohydrate diets. Whether it’s primal, ketogenic, or Atkins, almost all of these low-carb diets often underestimate the need for proper electrolyte intake. In fact, Dr. Jeff Volek, a scientific researcher and specialist in low-carb diets has suggested, that mineral and electrolyte management is the key to avoiding the “keto-flu”. When transitioning from a Standard American Diet to a low-carbohydrate diet, it is very common for the body to undergo flu-like side effects. Hence the name keto-flu. The reason for this is, that a person reduces total carbohydrate intake, the body both retains less and more easily expels electrolytes.

Fortunately, many of these negative side effects can be counteracted by the inclusion of electrolyte rich foods and supplements into the diet. When on a low-carb diet, mineral intake management is paramount, but it can be tricky to fill up with electrolytes, while avoiding carbohydrates. REVIVER, "electrolytes for everyday life", is a zero calorie, zero carbohydrate supplement and an ideal supplement for low-carb, Atkins, and Ketogenic dieters. It is the most complete electrolyte supplement available, and is ideal for regulating electrolyte levels in the body, preventing dehydration, and keeping low carb dieters feeling great.

HXH Industries has specifically designed their product with a full spectrum, proprietary blend of six vital electrolytes- the minerals sodium, magnesium, calcium, chloride, and potassium. REVIVER was designed to be rapidly absorbed and is combined with a blend of vitamins B6, C, and D in order to boost absorption. REVIVER also uses only natural non-GMO ingreients.

HXH Industries products are scientifically formulated and are made in an FDA regulated NSF GMP-certified facility. HXH Industries also offers a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee through, in addition to the satisfaction guarantee the company already offers on its own.

HXH Industries' REVIVER ( ), is now available through leading global online Retailer REVIVER Advanced Electrolyte Salt & Vitamin Tablets, are retailing for around $20.95 at the time of the writing of this article.

REVIVER is currently available exclusively on . For more information about REVIVER, please visit . For media inquiries, please contact Lawrence H. Huang at (732) 595-8785, or email at [email protected]

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HXH Industries is a company focused on the development of supplements and products that drive a holistic but constant improvement towards the perfection of the human state — physically, mentally, and existentially. The company’s flagship brand REVIVER Electrolyte Caps is of is a vitamin fortified electrolyte supplements to help reduce dehydration and electrolyte imbalance symptoms, without the use of harmful additives. It is a supplement designed especially for endurance athletes, casual exercisers, adventurous eaters, outdoor workers, and individuals who consume alcohol. For more information, please visit HXH Industries’ website

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