While running a restaurant business, a company needs to implement the best employee management methods to make sure that maximum profits are earned. This can be accomplished by making use of software systems that come with restaurant management features. Fooditter is a restaurant management system that can assist a restaurant or café owner to have effective control over all employees working under the company. It can provide an array of features that can make it easier to monitor employee performance and boost company efficiency.

As a POS platform, Fooditter can present with demo features that operate as functional training systems for the new employees. When the workers are well trained, they are less likely to make errors in the live environments. The program can also present with automated tracking facilities along with scheduling features that can show working schedules of each and every worker in the company. Any last-minute changes can be made by logging into the software system and assigning the employees to the updated shifts.

Streamlining working hours and shifts is an important part of a restaurant business. Fooditter can enable users to regulate time clocks efficiently so that proper tracks records of working hours are maintained. The employees make use of a high security PIN for clocking in or out. The employees can log into their own profiles and check out the public dashboard as and when they want to. The program also helps in maintaining payrolls in an accurate manner. When numerous employees are working in the store, it can be difficult to track overtime payments. This is particularly true during the peak periods and holiday seasons. Running payroll reports with the help of Fooditter can bring down discrepancies associated with delayed payments and erroneous payout amounts. The data can be accessed through various devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Fooditter can also help to enhance the accountability of the employees. By using it as a POS system, the restaurant management can assign transactions to employees who complete the checkout process. Close monitoring of all store transactions can help in deterring internal theft practices as well as mishandling. All transactions can be further checked and evaluated by using a restaurant pos system. The program can also help the new employees to gain sufficient floor experience that can help them to serve customers in a better way. It can allow new working staff gain direct and firsthand experience about the ways in which they can cater to the needs of the customers.

The restaurant management program can also help the owners to identify the top performers and reward them every month. With effective reporting, the bosses can easily see which employees are putting in the best efforts are who are lagging behind. By using such information, they can give out rewards to encourage workers for performing better in the coming months. It can also be used for helping other employees whose performance needs improvement. The program can also implement transparent tipping practices in a restaurant. Tipping is an essential part of restaurant culture. Tracking all tips with generated reports can help in ensuring that there are no employee disputes relating to tip allocations. The program can also allow the management to keep all important financial information relating to the business private.

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Fooditter is a cutting edge restaurant ordering system that is used all across India. Making the food ordering process smooth and flawless, it allows effective communication between restaurant owners and customers.

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