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Date:- May 20, 2019, Location:- New Delhi, Mitral Valve lies between the left atrium and left ventricle of the heart and has two leaflets that open and close for the blood to flow through it. Mitral Valve Repair is a surgical treatment that is performed to resolve two types of mitral valve disorders namely, mitral valve regurgitation and mitral valve stenosis. When a person is suffering from mitral valve regurgitation, the leaflets of the mitral valve do not close tightly and allows the blood to flow backward which causes significant symptoms like light-headedness, heart murmur, fatigue, palpitation, and excessive urination. Mitral Valve Stenosis, however, occurs when the leaflets of the Mitral valve become thick and do not allow sufficient flow of blood through it, thus causing symptoms like coughing, chest pain, fatigue and shortness of breath.
The procedure of Mitral Valve Repair Surgery depends upon whether a person is suffering from Mitral valve regurgitation or Mitral Valve Stenosis and is performed with Annuloplasty or Valvuloplasty.  Mitral Valve Repair can be open surgery, minimally invasive surgery or a robot-assisted surgery depending upon the condition of the patient. In an open-heart mitral valve surgery, the surgeon makes a regular cut on the chest of the patient, Minimally invasive surgery is surgery through multiple small incisions and Robot-assisted surgery is the one in which the surgeon performs the surgery with the help of robotic arms for improved precision.

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India Cardiac Surgery Site is the epicenter for patients who want to receive treatments for any heart disorder and connects them with the best cardiologists and cardiac surgeons in the top-rated hospitals of India. These are renowned for extraordinary infrastructure and operation theatres that are equipped with the latest technology. Excellent team of cardiac surgeons and application of the most advanced tools and techniques is the reason why most of the Indian hospitals are able to provide accurate diagnosis and perform successful treatments and surgeries for their international patients. The cost of Mitral Valve Repair in India is 30%-40% lower than the cost of the same procedure in other developed countries of the world. Affordable Mitral Valve Repair in India is thus the reason why India is the most favorable option for all international patients around the world.

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