Xiamen, China - Commercial tools for cleaving fibers are widely available in the market. In the lion’s share where a few companies only claim to be the best and do nothing, suppliers like deliver quality cleavers at affordable prices. Established in the year 2005, this company since then has been offering one stop solution to their clients. From fiber optic tester, optical power meter, fusion splicer, mpo cleaner to fiber cleaver , has been continuing to offer each of them. In short, they have become the ultimate fiber optic equipment kit provider. To this the owner commented, “It is our hard work and dedication that could help us earn a good reputation in the industry. We are extremely thankful to our customers without whose cooperation and suggestion we could have done nothing.”

The company’s lines of fiber cleavers are manufactured to cleave both 125um multimode and singlemode fibers. Come with adjustable blades, these items are designed to cleave optical fibers with a 90 degree angle. Each fiber cleaver features a replaceable blade and has a durable design. Additionally, they are designed using high-end technology that has made them an easy to operate unit., in particular offers a one year warranty on purchasing this product. Also, the company provides a carrying case free of cost. This case is wonderfully designed and enables the user to carry the cleaver from one place to the other easily. A spokesperson of the company said, “We have tried to keep the cleavers’ design simple ensuring they can be easily maintained. We are sure that our clients will appreciate our range of products.” is dedicated to offer high quality equipments at the best prices ever. The company chief objective in doing so is to allow their current and potential clients prepare fiber for installation purpose. Alongside fiber cleaver, the company also offers high quality replacement blades. Though these blades are far better than the original tool parts, they are available in almost half the price.

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About the company, a premier supplier of fiber optic equipments such as fiber optic tester, fiber stripper and many more is recently offering fiber cleavers and replacement blades at reasonable prices.