17, May 2016: You may miss the important calls when your phone is power off. You are probably unable to capture the splendid scenes and record the memorable moment if the camera runs out of power. All of these are the most situation you don’t want to see. If you do not expect the power-off situation in your long journey, Airwheel Z3 and Z5 two-wheel electric hoverboard will be the best choices.

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The battery of Airwheel Z3 electric motor is imported lithium core, the battery capacity is 162.8WH and the average maximum endurance is about 20km. It is just for one battery pack. While if you have enough backup battery packs, Z3 electric scooter’s endurance can be limitless. Due to the replaceable and changeable design on battery, users can disassemble the battery and assemble a new battery with full power within few seconds.


As for the upgraded Airwheel Z5 standing up electric scooter, similarly, in order to achieve the infinite endurance ability, it inherits the modular design on battery packs of Z series scooters. At the same time, Z5 razor scooter for adults gets optimized on the battery packs. Z5 electric scooter for adults alters the cylinder into cuboid battery pack and places it in the front of the pedals which means that riders can drive more steadily due to the much lower gravity.


What’s more, the battery packages of Z5 electric standing scooter is extended to have high-efficient USB interface. In this case, riders won’t worry anymore for the power-off situation of their daily intelligent devices such as iPhone, Tablet or SLR.With no doubt, Airwheel Z3 and Z5 have other merits in daily commuting, anterior standing or folding system. Together with the infinite endurance performance, they are very suitable for your long-distance traveling.

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