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In a recent report on Detroit Free Press, updates on the Flint water crisis are having the mayor Karen Weaver announcing that she has asked the city council to finally approve the contracts with two companies that will be bound to replace more than 250 water lines with the hope of lessening the costs, since these have been problems while the management of the water sources has always been delayed.

The report contextualized the situation when it stated that the city of Flint was supposed to replace around 500 pipes using the $2 million state budget, but drew back because of “high cost estimates” and further delayed the plan.

The city of Flint has been struggling with lead-contaminated water supplies for a few months now, reportedly urging many of its residents to remain resilient.

“Scaling down the contracts is another sign of how difficult it has been for Flint to recover as local, state and federal officials continue to work on stopping lead from leaching into the Flint’s water system and replacing the lead pipes suspected of causing the crisis,” the Detroit Free Press stated.

The contracts, should the city council in Flint approves them, reportedly would be another attempt for the city to push forward its goals of replacing the water pipes in order to keep the security and health of the residents in the areas, the report mentioned further.

But for the locals in Flint, the figures, the cost and the lengthy contracts are unnecessary since what they want is to see real action. Another report on stated that around 100,000 residents are using bottled water, filtered water and the safe drinking water provided by charity groups and hospitals to remain safe from the threats from the water supply.

The city is still under state of emergency but scientists have reportedly always emphasized that it is safe to drink the Flint water as long as they are filtered.

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