Demand for more innovative Chemical R&D has resulted in the replacement of round bottom flasks and associated heating/cooling devices with robust, easy-to-use synthesis workstations. METTLER TOLEDO's new EasyMax 102 and 402 Basic and Advanced synthesis workstations for the screening and optimization of organic synthesis take usability, safety and flexibility to the next level, helping researchers complete more successful investigations in significantly less time.

METTLER TOLDEO is pleased to announce the launch of new EasyMax 102 and 402 Basic and Advanced personal synthesis workstations. These additions to the EasyMax family allow scientists to quickly identify and optimize new synthetic routes and eliminate non-viable reaction candidates.

At a volume of 10-100 mL, EasyMax 102 is ideal for reaction screening and optimization. EasyMax 402's 100-400 mL volume lends itself to scale-up experiments and crystallization studies.All EasyMax workstations allow chemists to run reactions between -40°C to 180°C without an ice bath, oil bath, heating mantle, or cryostat. Replacing traditional round bottom flasks and jacketed lab reactors with EasyMax enables easier, more predictable reaction creation and optimization.

Simplicity and personal safety is enhanced by EasyMax touchscreen control: reaction parameters can be maintained with the hood closed. All models, Basic and Advanced, allow easy preprogramming via the touch screen for unattended operation for full, 24-hour experimentation, while Advanced models offer even more control capabilities via powerful and intuitive software.

The active temperature control means exothermic reactions can be run without significant temperature increase. By-products can be avoided by holding temperature constant especially while dosing a reagent.

"The EasyMax is the first controlled reactor system in an organic chemistry lab that is completely accepted by chemists and already supersedes the traditional round bottom flask" Luc Moens, Research Fellow, Johnson & Johnson explained. "The EasyMax helps our organization complete more successful experiments in a shorter time."

Data management is also made easier with EasyMax. All models capture a wealth of reaction data for comparison and analysis. Basic models allow data transfer via USB memory stick, while Advanced models offer additional communication and analysis options. Seamless integration with in situ instrumentation such as METTLER TOLEDO's Particle Track FBRM and ReactIR is also available to enhance data-driven decision-making for further productivity gains.

EasyMax arrives ready-to-operate. The elimination of time-consuming set-up lets chemists and engineers begin experiencing faster, better reaction optimization within 30 minutes of unpacking the workstation.

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