12, March 2015: Renuvue Review – Voted as #1 anti-aging serum in the Philippines and has been featured for so many times in social media sites, CBS news, NBC, Fox news, Womens Health magazine and even in CNN, is this special 24 karat gold miracle treatment, known as “Renuvue Anti-Aging Serum.” Reports said, thousands of women in several countries especially in the Philippines have been overwhelmed with how Renuvue works into the skin that undergoes aging and damage.

The secret behind the wonder of this skin care has been revealed by its spokesperson, Rose Adkinson during the press conference recently held in Manila, Philippines. Miss Adkinson appeared for an interview also with the objective of promoting Renuvue skin care especially to women who haven’t tried the skin care yet. The spokesperson stated amazing facts and benefits of using Renuvue.

To detail, Renuvue serum is not a gold foil mask treatment or just plated or covered but this exclusive anti-aging serum consists a rich suspension of 24 karat gold particles for optimum skin repair, rejuvenation and overall health. Surprisingly this gold substance has a great impact in skin renewal and how it dramatically provides incredible benefits;

* Help reduce the appearance of age spots and skin damage from overexposure to the sun.
* Ward off free radical damage which may lead to premature aging and thinning of the skin.
* Help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and stubborn age lines.
* Slow collagen depletion and help prevent the breakdown of elastin which leads to loose, sagging skin.

Also taking a glance of a positive feedback from an avid user of Renuvue convinced more women who attended the press conference to try and experience breakthrough in their skin.

I am so pleased and thrilled with Renuvue. I have tried so many other products, to remove puffiness, wrinkles, and dark circles that have taken forever to deliver results. With Renuvue I look 15 years younger in less than a month! Please thank the doctors who developed this product and offered it to the public. I am so happy with my dramatic results! Angela Copper – 60, GA

Rose Adkinson left the crowd with advertising the official website of Renuvue and promoted the limited risk-free trial offer for everyone who makes early visit of the webpage.

For more information about Renuvue Anti Aging Serum you can visit here http://skinsurv.com/renuvue-review/

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