12 December, 2013: Renting Spanish villas is the best possible way to experience Spain, an online travel portal declares in a recent feature on the Iberian country. 

According to the piece, Spain is the perfect holiday destination, especially during the summer, due to the fact that it offers ample shores, a temperate climate, rich countryside landscapes and a charming and appealing local culture. The author goes on to state that all these qualities deserve to be appreciated more fully than merely through a package deal, suggesting Spanish villas as the perfect alternative to the standard hotel holiday. 

According to the travel portal’s staff writer, there are a number of factors contributing to make Spanish villas the recommended way of experiencing Spain — not the least of which is privacy. Unlike in hotels, the communal spaces in Spanish villas are not open to the general public, meaning it is not possible for someone from outside the core group renting the villa to walk into the residents’ privacy. Similarly, Spanish villas are usually set further apart than hotel rooms, even in holiday resorts, which further helps this aspect. 

Privacy is, however, far from the only perk Spanish villas offer in relation to other types of accommodation. Because of their more secluded or scenic locations, they are also an excellent way to discover new areas and experience new landscapes, which visitors might not be able to enjoy whilst staying at a hotel. Spain’s many natural wonders can be experienced much more readily and fully from the front porches of Spanish villas than through day trips from a city centre hotel! 

Location is, in fact, another of the factors making Spanish villas preferable to other types of accommodation. Most villa resorts are located right on the beach — especially in island locations such as Menorca — and can therefore serve as a perfect ‘home base’ from which to explore the surroundings! 

The article concludes by stating that Spanish villas are ideal for families, large groups or individual occupation, making them one of the most versatile types of accommodation as well. 

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