Renowned Bengali film Director Srijit Mukherji praises Tridha

Tridha Choudhury, who plays Swadheenta on STAR Plus’ finite series Dahleez, is also a Bengali film actress. She believes in giving her 100% to every project so since the inception of Dahleez, Tridha has been focusing on the show only.

Renowned Bengali film director Srijit Mukherjirecently praised Tridha for her hard work and passion.  He says, “I worked with Tridha for the film Mishawr Rawhoshyo and found her an extremely hard working actress. She was diligent, attentive and always eager to learn and she did a splendid job on the movie. If she continues to choose her projects correctly and works hard, she has miles to go and I’m sure she will leave a lasting mark in the glamour industry.”

Tridha aka Swadheenta has garnered a huge fan following since she has entered the television industry. The appreciation by Srijit Mukherji is a feather in her cap. Currently paired with Harshad Arora aka Adarsh on the show Dahleez, the ‘it couple’ are breaking hearts worldwide.

Watch Tridha Chaudhury as Swadheenta on Dahleez, Monday to Sunday at 10.30pm on STAR Plus