RBC Academy is pleased to announce that it will begin offering its educational services in the Asian region.

March 28, 2016, Toronto, ON, Canada —  Their market includes some the world’s most successful and wealthiest parents who are looking to give their children an almost “unfair advantage” over all their peers, including Ivy League graduates.

“Our promise is simple. We provide a real world education that is designed to turn our clients into Elite Top Performers (ETP) before they even step into the business world. Imagine if your child could learn game changing strategies in a matter of months, which otherwise take traditional top performers decades to figure out. It’s a bold promise which is why we will continue to remain the best kept secret of the world’s elite class,” said Atiff Rizwani, founder of RBC Academy.

About RBC Academy
RBC Academy is an educational institution geared towards students currently studying in private schools. It offers personalized coaching programs to students that generally lasts four to six months. During this term, students are exposed to advanced strategies that’ll allow them to become powerful and influential members of society as soon as they finish school.

For more information simply visit: http://www.RemarkableByChoice.com/

Company Name: Remarkable By Choice (RBC) Academy
Contact Person: Jane Valentine
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.RemarkableByChoice.com/