Previously, people have a misconception that arthritis is a bone problem related to old age. But some recent surveys reveal that quite a large number of young peoples are suffering from arthritis. About 15% of the total population is affected by arthritis. Younger people are affected by a special type of arthritis called autoimmune arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the most common types of autoimmune arthritis. Arthritis can attack any of the joint areas on the body, including the knees, hip, fingers, toes, and so on.

Arthritis hip replacement surgery India is a surgical procedure in which a painful hip joint is replaced with an artificial hip joint often made up of metal or plastic components. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, are some of the intolerable pain causing conditions and there is no such treatment to get relief from the pain except a hip replacement surgery.

Surgery for hip bone replacement or robotic total hip replacement is one of the most popular and successful surgical techniques used in India. With recent advancement in the surgical field, this surgical procedure is getting less complex and robot-assisted which allows doctors to conduct arthritis hip surgery India using many types of complex techniques with more precision, flexibility, and control. The availability of a number of high-tech and well-equipped hospitals with highly experienced and super skilled surgeons with international medical degrees and a lower rate of treatment packages has made India a health tourism destination for a number of patients around the world.

About Tour 2 India 4 Health Consultants: Tour 2 India 4 Health is a well-reputed health service organization providing a number of orthopedic surgeries and prosthetic replacement surgeries as per the patient’s requirement. They have a network of highly experienced and skilled surgeons along with well-equipped hospitals and infrastructure, modern techniques and management of international standards to provide best in class arthritis hip replacement surgery India. Their motto is to provide the best surgical treatment facilities with warm hospitality services to both domestic and international patients. Their experienced and efficient management stuff take care of everything related medical tour to India from transportation arrangement, pre-surgery tests, medications, stay options for patient & family, to other essential amenities. Each of their treatment packages is very cost-effective for foreign patients as they offer 30 – 40% low-cost packages compare to other western countries. Thousands of patients have been benefited from the hip joint replacement surgery in India through Tour 2 India 4 Health Consultants over the last ten years and they have an impressive portfolio of success stories.

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