JINAN, CHINA - Around millions of thermal paper rolls are used worldwide at ATM Kiosks, Debit and credit card machines, Retail stores, Restaurants, Petrol Stations, Supermarkets and many more. It is also believed that at least 200 cash www.pospapercn.com rolls are consumed in a single shopping mall in countries such as USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela and many other countries. POSPaperCN.com caters to the wide range of thermal paper needs of various sectors across countries worldwide. The thermal cash rolls manufactured here are compatible with Verifone printers including Sharp, Epson and various other printer models. These cash rolls enable neat, clear and dark black print images.

The ATM thermal paper rolls are also manufactured and supplied here for different types of ATM transaction machines in banks, government agencies, retails stores and many more where there are ATM transactions needed. These rolls are POS paper compatible with Fujitsu, NCR, Wincor Nixdorf, Triton, GRG, WRG and many other branded ATM machines. Best quality material is used in the manufacturing of these rolls. These ATM paper rolls can also be customized with the bank name, logo, refund policy, advertisements, marketing information and so on. These rolls are extremely useful for advertising purposes.

POSPaperCN.com also offers thermal paper rolls for thermal printers such as Sharp, Epson, Royal, Star, Micros, Citizen and many more. These rolls fit the most standard POS thermal printers. They either come in plastic or a cardboard core. End of paper roll warning stripes are also available here to warn the users that the roll is running out. The thermal paper material is also BPA free, environment and human friendly. They also reduce or eliminate thermal paper rolls residue from thermal coating on the thermal print heads. The company also offers free samples based on customer requests and requirements. Quotes for shipping costs and schedules depend on the port of discharge.

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POSPaperCN, www.pospapercn.com based at Jinan, China have been in the business of manufacturing and supplying thermal paper rolls for over 20 years. They offer best quality cash register paper rolls at the most competitive prices in the online marketplace.

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