Releases Powerful New Leads Group Software

Linkcrafter, an online marketing database, launches innovative new relationship-based software

London, UK January 18, 2010 London-based company Linkcrafter recently announced its plans to spearhead a new movement in the world of online networking. Citing the inability of current professional networks to deliver tangible results, Linkcrafter has developed a powerful utility for building and joining leads groups.

“With old-fashioned networking sites, there was no value for your money,” says Linkcrafter CEO Mawuna Koutonin. “Our website allows entrepreneurs to keep track of who is bringing them business and who they are bringing business to.”

Linkcrafter recently became the top leads groups and referral networks utility in the USA in Europe. The new software streamlines business results with less time, effort, and money. It also eliminates the need for advertising, networking, and promotion.

“Our goal is to simply maximize the ability of the internet to grow business and drive sales. Research shows that current networking websites only deliver results for less than 10% of their members we‘re out to change that,” says Mawuna.

Linkcrafter is the first company to offer such a wide range of services without requiring additional advertising or social networking efforts. It is currently hailed as the fastest, easiest, and most reliable system for getting noticed and attracting more clients.

Linkcrafter is an online retailer of web-based relationship management software. It helps small business owners attract clients without investing money on advertising or wasting countless hours in networking websites, clubs, and events.