ReiOps — one of the most comprehensive systems for real estate investors now incorporates very powerful features dedicated for those dealing with Promissory Notes. Investing in Notes is closely related to real estate as the guarantee for the payment of the note is represented by real estate; this makes the integration of the Note Investing features into ReiOps as a perfect match.

One of the most important aspects of the Note Buying Business is the correct evaluation of the purchase price taking into consideration the different potential outcomes, like will the borrower honor the payments, will it be necessary to foreclose the property, what’s the real value of the property backing the note, etc. Here is where ReiOps comes into place.

ReiOps includes features that address the needs of the note buyer and investor in almost every single aspect of this business since the initial pre-purchase considerations until the post purchase tasks. A few highlights of what ReiOps offers for Note Investors are purchasing price evaluation taking into account the desired yield, an acceptable ITV and other parameters; taking into account the effect of a potential foreclosure; capability of analyzing performing and non-performing notes; capability of analyzing senior and junior notes and allowing investors to simulate a partial buy or a partial sale.

In addition to these features that are specific to notes, investors can take advantage of all other features available in ReiOps that are common to both the note investor and the real estate investor, such as evaluating the fair market value of a real estate property, simulate a variety of deal structures, automate scripts, and most importantly, benefit from the powerful task management features which allows investors to streamline their business.

ReiOps is known as a Real Estate and Note Investors Management System created by experienced note and real estate investors for other investors. The unique vision of the system is integrating and automating the most valuable tasks that note and real estate investors should be performing in their daily investing activities. Some of the daily tasks assisted by the system are keeping track of sellers and buyers lists, screening the sellers, analyzing deal structures, calculating cash flows, evaluating the value of a note, evaluating the fair market value of a certain property and more.


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