United States of America, 6/12/2013: Reikibooks.net is the brainchild of Wes where he shares his opinion and views about Reiki Distance Learning for other users. This amazing program ensures the user in exploring various techniques with which they can channel Reiki in healing everyone around them. One also gets to discover the ways in attuning others to this amazing practise and help spreading this beautiful art- form. One also gets to learn the technique in which they can give professional Reiki treatments to paying clients as well.

The best thing about this outstanding program is that for the first time the entire Reiki course (featuring Level 1, Level 2 and Master Course) has been narrated and developed into clear and easy- to- follow recordings. This allows one to learn Reiki from a highly experienced master, directly from the comfort of their home. Reiki uses the Qi method in its healing process, where the natural energy found everywhere gets utilized in the healing process and also for providing personal development. Mainly there are two distinctive groups of Reiki, Japanese Reiki and Western Reiki. The major differences between these two techniques lie in their meditation processes, methods and techniques.

Attunement is basically nothing but the ability of passing energy or Ki. At the completion of each level, an attunement gets build up on the ability in using this healing energy. Attunements are provided by the Reiki masters in several ways so as to allow one in moving up the ladder and reach the Master level. With Reiki Distance Learning, one gets to discover quickly how and why this healing process is amongst the most simplest, yet powerful healing forms. ‘Reiki Principles’ can be used to promote peace and harmony in one’s life. Addition to that, with these Reiki books one also gets to know the various ways in which they can cleanse their body of toxins, relieve stress, eliminating emotional blockages, and self- empowerment. And that’s not all as Reiki Distance Learning also explains how a person can use Reiki in healing their past, future and present events.

With Reiki Distance Learning, one gets to know the process in which they can give “self- healing” sessions to themselves so as to rejuvenate and empower their own spirit, mind and body. It is also deeply rewarding if one plans to give Reiki treatments to others. The entire courses comprise of 26 detailed talks covering each and every part of the 3- level process, 3 lesson planners, diagrams of Reiki Symbols, illustrations of Reiki hand positions, 3 Reiki manuals, professional certificates, 2 self- healing recordings, 3 Reiki attunements, and unlimited support and guidance.

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