Making the right gift-choice is one of the most important aspects you have to focus on. Surely you already know by now that there are many options when it comes to gift cards, but it is important to also pay attention to the details written next to these gift cards when purchasing them. An iTunes gift card for example is a great choice for a gift, but it has a few restrictions you should know about. The region where the recipient lives is very important. The iTunes gift card is specific for a number of regions all over the world and it will not work if do not choose it properly. This is the case for many other gift cards, so pay attention to this. Even the Amazon gift card is regionalized!



Different cards can be purchased in different regions. While some are made available to a lot of of countries, others can only be purchased for few. The iTunes gift card for example is available on multiple continents: Europe, Australia, US, Asia and can be bought as a gift in English-speaking countries such as US, UK, Australia and Canada as well as in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain and even in Japan, Mexico and Hong Kong. Other cards you may think can be used anywhere…I mean who does not use Amazon or Ebay, right? Well, there are restrictions for the Amazon gift card too as it is sold for US, UK, China and Germany only. Obviously more and more countries are being added up because everyone wants to make use of these amazing gifts, but it is best to check these details before purchasing. If you want to offer a thoughtful gift, the first thought should be if the person who receives it can actually use it!


There may also be other restrictions attached to gift cards, such as the sum you can top up a card with, the duration for which it can be used, the number of items one can download, and the devices it can be used for (remember that iTunes gift cards are for Apple users, while for Android users you may want to consider Spotify), but in general gift cards are used as means of transferring funds for use in a specific shop to someone else. They allow the credit to be spent whenever the receiver of the card wants to spend it and this is why there are gift cards such as those from Target and Walmart which are sometimes kept for rainy days. The sums of top up may vary, but the denominations are fixed. The denominations help people decide the gift value but then again everyone has a gift budget and limits are good, so in the end, it is not a problem. If anyone wants to go beyond a payment limit, they can just buy two or more cards! If anyone receives one Amazon gift card, they will be very happy, but if they receive two, they can purchase more expensive merchandise! There is no extra hassle for buying more, just a few more minutes clicking through the purchase process and this is a lot easier than going out shopping for a traditional gift.


You are the one that can choose between numerous gift card options, just keep in mind that they are most of the times regionalized. For the iTunes and Amazon gift card, you should definitely keep in mind where the recipient is located. Check GiftCardsy for more information on each product and make sure you make no mistakes when purchasing. This is where you will find any gift card you had in mind.


An iTunes gift card is a great idea for a present because everyone listens to music. As an alternative, consider an Amazon gift card ; it can be used for both digital products as well as physical items, both ordered online. Both have regional restrictions, so make sure you and the person receiving the gift live in one of the areas designated by the website and that you can use the appropriate currency.