Reflections Recovery offers alternative therapies such as anger management and motivational interviewing. With the help of the professional staff at Reflections, clients can be treated with targeted therapies customized for their own particular needs.

Not everyone who visits a Newport Beach drug rehab as seen at needs treatment for narcotics. In fact, successful treatments for various drug and alcohol addictions may vary from one client to another.

Some clients might require PTSD rehabilitation as seen at in addition to detoxification for drugs, while other clients might need alcohol rehab followed by sober living for men as seen at

At Reflections Recovery, clients are able to receive treatment for any number of issues through the use of alternative therapies. Reflections offers a wide range of therapies, including anger management, cognitive behavioral therapy, family workshops, motivational interviewing, relaxation techniques and even yoga therapy. Every therapy method is geared toward the individual's particular needs, and therapists may recommend a single method of treatment or a combination of several methods. Patients are involved in their own therapy and are able to contribute to the plan for their rehabilitation.

For individualized therapy that allows clients to recover through the best methods for their needs, Reflections Recovery offers a full range of modalities. Professional psychologists, therapists, doctors and others are on hand to implement the full spectrum of alternative therapies to help clients recover successfully from drug and alcohol addiction.

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About Reflections Recovery:

Reflections Recovery is a full-service drug and alcohol rehab center located in Orange County, California. With the help of Reflections, clients can achieve sobriety through a range of targeted and individualized therapies and services and ensure that they are supported in their efforts by professionals at every step.

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