Xiamen, China - Oils in paintings have been in use since the Renaissance period when the masters were at the stage of finding techniques to bring about greater finishing to their artworks. Paint oils not only add a surreal glaze to the work, but also bring about a texture different from paintings using other kinds of colors. The ‘fat over lean’ technique of painting that it is all about requires a level of mastery and skill that only professionals exhibit. Refine Gallery is a Xiamen-based oil paint specialist that has been serving art loyalists through production of spectacular paintworks at affordable prices. The oil painting wholesale hosts a studio of its own where painters hand-finish masterpieces to supply the buyers with remarkable pieces of art to possess proudly.

One of its kind, RefineGallery originated in the year 1998, and have been responsible for production of canvas paints, custom portraits, pet paintings, watercolor paintings, and much more. The company started to accept portrait requests since the time art lovers realized the possibility of exploring artistic dimension in the otherwise plane photographic portraits. The art wholesaler is run by a team of gifted painters, members of which specialize in different kinds of paintings. While some produce pencil sketches, others are into painting on frames and stretch bars, and some reproduce the recognized works of masters in neat imitation.

Pastel paintings, canvas prints, masterpiece reproductions are some of the other purchase requests that the company meets out. Serving customers from all parts of world, viz., UK, New Zealand, Malta, Austria and other nations of Europe, the company send its productions to both single art loyalists, as well as commercial buyers like, galleries, art dealers, furniture sellers, etc. Aside, the company also partners with other wholesalers in order to expand its sales chart. The company looks into the shipping of the products so that they are safely delivered to the given addresses of the seekers within the promised timeframe.

About the Company

RefineGallery is large Chinese art studio that produces and reproduces artworks with great finesse through versatile artists having great track records.

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