Xiamen, China - With Refine Gallery announcing to offer its products at wholesale prices, the connoisseurs of art can now get oil reproductions of their preferred abstract painting pieces at pocket-friendly rates.  The products that are being offered include masterpiece oil painting reproductions on canvas, pastel paintings, canvas prints on canvas, watercolor paintings, and pencil drawings. According to a spokesperson of the company, “There are many art lovers who dream to enrich their collection by adding artistic masterpieces but cannot do so because of their high prices. We are offering finest oil painting reproductions at wholesale rates just to elate these connoisseurs of art”.  All the paintings offered by Refined Gallery are 100% hand-painted and meant to suit almost every budget.

Refine Gallery is offering its clients with the option of ordering customized abstract paintings of various styles and sizes. The customers can ask to reproduce any portrait or photograph as a painting on canvas. In recent talk with the entrepreneur of the company, the owner asserted: “all the artists in our team are high skillful in their area of work. With adept brush strokes, our artists can bring alive any abstract painting”. Refine Gallery offers hundreds of abstract painting reproductions abstract paintings wholesale providers every month. There are many customers who have been buying paintings from Refine Gallery for about 10 years.

The website of the company has categorized its range of abstract paintings under heads including African Abstract, Building Abstract, Color Abstract, Figure Abstract, Chef Abstract, Buddha Abstract, Collage Abstract, Cartoon Abstract, Flower Abstract, Cityscape Abstract, Musician Abstract, Zen Abstract, Flower Abstract, Pattern Abstract, and Miscellaneous. The company entrepreneur is hopeful that the range of products will satiate even the most distinguished tastes.

About the Company

Refine Gallery is one of the most prominent companies offering variegated oil painting reproductions. The company came into being in 1998, and since its inception, it has been satisfying its clients with top-quality oil painting reproductions of artistic masterpieces. All the paintings offered by this Xiamen-based Chinese art company are totally hand-painted. The company has a wide international client base.

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