Xiamen, China - With the objective of providing some of the timeless classics captured in a frame, Xiamen based company Refine Gallery has given a new dimension to art altogether. The company that has its own studio provides innumerable oil painting reproductions to retailers and wholesalers alike. Customers based locally, nationally and even internationally can now avail oil painting supplies at wholesale rates, thanks to the dedicated and experienced team of artisans. Regardless of one being an art lover or a dealer, a distributor or someone plainly interested to exhibit the creations in art galleries, buying these artworks suit everybody’s pocket-pinch.

For art lovers, refinegallery.com is a complete treat. Over the years, the company has made massive improvement by introducing before novices and art enthusiasts alike with their world famous painting masterpieces. This includes customized portraits, watercolor paintings, pastel drawings, pencil sketches, canvas prints on canvas, stretcher bars and frames and the like. The oil paintings that have recently caught the attention of all and sundry are so well executed that many find a different level of peace in the presence of them. Avid art lovers often fail to express the feeling in words. Combined with such creativity are the wholesale rates that naturally pull in more buyers.

Clients of refinegallery.com are based all over the world. The site has earned acclaim for supplying Xiamen oil paintings wholesale to art galleries, dealers, interior designers, furniture shops and art lovers. Sales have picked up drastically over the years for most customers are all in praise of this site. Refinegallery.com ensures safe and fast delivery services to customers, with shipping charges applicable to those based abroad.

In a recent conversation with the coordinator of the site, he said, “We extend professional support to those who wish to get notable oil paintings. We know that customers have varied tastes and we try our level best to cater to them. Our gallery is replete with some of the best paintings which make the task of choosing one’s favorite quite easy. Since we accept online orders, it has worked in favor of our clients.”

For those interested to get oil paintings at wholesale rates, can log in here and choose their favorite.

About the company

Refinegalelry.com is specialized in providing suitable oil paintings at wholesale rates. For more information, visit http://www.refinegallery.com/