Shipping liquids is often a challenging task for companies. Liquid can spill and or splash during transportation, so entrepreneurs have to take appropriate measures to reduce these risks. If you too are looking for a good solution for liquid transportation, you should check out disposable liquid totes. This is a packaging option which will help you reduce your shipping costs.

Are you having trouble transporting liquids in traditional containers? You have a great alternative at hand: disposable liquid totes. These containers are fast replacing old metal or plastic drums. More and more entrepreneurs and shipping companies are using these systems to transfer liquids. Why? Because they are more efficient than traditional metal and plastic units. Made out of heavy corrugated and laminated cardboard, disposable liquid totes can be used efficiently for liquid products transportation over large distances. International shipping companies prefer the disposable liquid tote packaging system because it is lighter and easier to handle. With traditional metal and plastic containers, filling is a tedious and challenging process, but the new cardboard containers are extremely efficient: it will take a worker less than a minute to prepare the container for filling. Thus, you can save a lot of time with filling operations, which will increase your company’s productivity.

Using a disposable liquid tote packaging system will help you reduce your overall shipping costs because, as their name suggests, these totes can be disposed of once the freight has reached its destination. The disposable liquid tote packaging system has emerged as a response to companies’ necessities of reducing transportation costs and making cargo operations more efficient. Traditional containers like metal and plastic drums are pretty expensive and they must be shipped back after delivering the products. Obviously, shipping the empty containers back only increases transportation expenses. Moreover, these containers have to be stored in a warehouse, which further affects companies’ budgets. The disposable liquid tote packaging system is the excellent solution for cutting down these costs. Once the freight is delivered, the cardboard containers can be thrown away or they can be recycled. There’s also the option of reusing them, but many business owners prefer to dispose of them to reduce shipping expenses.

Disposable liquid totes are highly reliable and very efficient. Liquids can safely be stored inside these containers, being sealed tightly during transportation. Therefore, there are no more spilling or splashing risks. Moreover, unlike traditional metal or plastic containers, these are more ecological and produce no contamination. Manufacturers comply with all international health and safety regulations, so these totes are safe products for people and for the environment. Disposable totes can be just as resistant as heavier containers, so you can rely on them to remain in excellent condition even when roughly handled. You can be confident that your freight will reach its destination safely, without any incidents. Online you can find various tote models which are meant to offer efficient support in various product applications. Smart packaging solutions can bring your company important benefits.

Disposable liquid totes are excellent for safely transporting non-hazardous liquids. Read more about the disposable liquid tote packaging system.