YORK, PENNSYLVANIA, September 10 — Gunnhild Wik Mikkelsen’s new novel Grandma Gjertrud's Bedtime Stories: Nurturing the Child Within published by Transformation Books provides readers with hours of enjoyment while discovering how to institute change into their lives while nourishing the child within.

Many women face struggles in their lives, as does the main character in this feel good, transformational novel. As Karoline’s problems turn out to be connected to episodes in her childhood, teen and early adult years, Grandma Gjertrud tells her a series of bedtime stories that sooth her worries, rewrite her past and reveal new directions for Karoline’s life that she never thought were possible.

Readers can all benefit from “secrets” to a better life, even if they come in the mystical form of a dream.

Mikkelsen told the press, “With this book, I want to inspire women to choose love over fear, and to help them find better ways of communicating and being together with their loved ones, as well as sharing their gifts with the world through their work. Storytelling is an age-old transformative method to take people beyond their daily struggles to the place where they can recreate and redesign their lives. Instead of fulfilling someone else’s dream, I, just as Grandma Gjertrud does, help them reconnect with their true self and rediscover their own lost desire for life.”

Mikkelsen is a transformative storyteller who loves to tell stories that entertain and speak to the soul. She has worked in several hospitals and her own clinic for 30 years as a nutritionist and homeopathic practitioner. Mikkelsen lives on a little organic farm in the countryside of Norway where animals, vegetables and herbs are her fellow co-creators of a holistic lifestyle.

Gunnhild Wik Mikkelsen’s new bestseller, Grandma Gjertrud's Bedtime Stories: Nurturing the Child Within is available on Amazon.com.

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