, an employment law blog devoted to workers’ rights celebrated the launch of its new website. The website, which recently went live, features up to date news and information regarding California labor law. In conjunction with this, and through an affiliated law firm, the blog also provides legal consultation to employees who wish to pursue lawsuits against their employers. The author, a California based employment lawyer, believes that the blog provides a resourceful and educational platform for California workers to engage in dialogue with local lawyers, as well as to better understand wage and hour statutes. Dealing with workplace disputes can be intimidating, but the author is convinced that the website will help ease some of the discomfort involved in finding a lawyer to make an employment claim.

According to the author “employees are concerned more than ever about the prospect of being terminated by their employers. Many of those workers refrain from filing employment claims out of fear that their employers will retaliate against them.” is geared towards workers who wish to learn more about the rights and protections provided by the law. In 2015 alone, PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) reported that 8,954 wage and hour cases were filed in federal courts. These numbers have seen a steady year over year increase as employers have sought to pad their bottom line at the expense of dedicated workers.

One of the most popular articles on the website, entitled “At Will Employment California, Can My Boss Fire Me At Anytime?” provides a general guide for readers to educate themselves with respect to when termination of employment is and is not permitted. The blog also features a comments section that encourages readers to participate and engage in discussion. The website cautions that each employment case is unique, and that a licensed employment attorney should be retained to analyze each specific case. Individuals who have had problems with their employers, or even those who just want to learn about various labor protections are encouraged to review the website content to find answers.

About is a website that provides California workers with education materials and resources to allow them to recover their lost wages and get the most out of their legal claims against their employers.

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