Orlando, FL — May 20, 2016 -  Down syndrome is believed to be one of the congenital anomalies most common worldwide. While many parents consider children with this condition a blessing, more and more researchers are still looking for ways to reduce the risk of its development.

Recent research reveals the potential of resveratrol to combat Down syndrome. Individuals with this condition are usually very sensitive and caring. They even inspire many people to be as gentle and sweet as they are.

According to statistics, 14 in 10,000live births are affected with Down syndrome, which is believed to result from extra genetic material from chromosome 21. This genetic material causes symptoms such as immunologic, metabolic, endocrine, anatomic, and neurological disorders.

The characteristics of people with DS may vary. This genetic disorder is believed to develop when there is abnormal cell division produced extra genetic material from chromosome 21. This condition may cause lifelong intellectual disability, but in some cases, it causes certain health problems.

Individuals with Down syndrome usually have common features such as short neck, small head, flattened facial features, protruding tongue, poor muscle tone, and unusually shaped ears. While infants with DS typically have an average size, they grow slowly and are usually shorter than children with the same age.

There are risk factors of the condition such as advancing maternal age, having a child with Down syndrome, and being a carrier of genetic translocation for Down syndrome.

It is believed that improving the glutathione levels in the body is the key to changing the premature aging that many individuals with Down syndrome suffer from or are susceptible to. It is imperative to avoid medications that decrease glutathione levels.

Resveratrol was found to be effective in reversing the depletion of glutathione levels in mice that were induced with acetaminophen toxicity. It has also been found to enhance SOD along with glutathione.

The levels of superoxide dismutase enzyme (SOD) are believed to be high in individuals with Down syndrome. SOD takes care of converting oxygen radicals to water and hydrogen peroxide. Oxygen radicals are believed to cause damage to cellular structures, and this is why SOD plays an important role in cases of Down syndrome.

Resveratrol has long been believed to be a powerful antioxidant. Its use has been associated with a myriad of health benefits. Resveratrol can be found in delicious foods that also have high nutritional values, such as berries.

Resveratrol can also be abundantly consumed through supplementation. Some of the best resveratrol supplements contain extracts of grape seed, green tea, and Acai fruit (amazon.com/Resveratrol-Supplement-Strength-Extract-capsules/dp/B019C0UU5S)
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