Real location and real props for the new show Gulmohar Grand on Star Plus!

Star Plus’s new offering Gulmohar Grand which will be launched soon will give an insight in the world of a 5 star hotel. The show which is based on the hotel industry is a finite series of 26 episodes. Each episode will have a different and gripping story which will keep the viewers glued to their seats. Gulmohar Grand which not only show cases the glamorous & luxurious world of hotels but also gives an insight in the world of hotels in a way that has never been seen before on Indian television. The show which also stars Gaurav Chopraa in the lead role, is being shot in a hotel in Mumbai. The production house apparently felt that since the show is based on the lives of people working in a hotel, it would be better to shoot in a hotel to get an authentic feel. Producer Sudhir Sharma said, “When you shoot in a live environment, you get to learn a lot of things about what's happening in the real world and therefore, it is easier than creat ing a set for it. Following a certain schedule also has its cons, but since the hotel is functional, the benefits are much more. Even if we would have built a set, we could not have brought the kind of live environment that the current hotel is giving us”

Let’s wait and watch to the gripping series based on the Hotel industry!

Gulmohar Grand is Coming Soon only on Star Plus!