The NHF Platinum Down Payment Assistance Program is For Real Estate Purchases in Washington State up to $430,000!

Seattle, Washington based company “Real Estate WA” is pleased to announce that it is offering first time home buyers in Seattle real estate market with a unique opportunity to apply for NHF Platinum Free Down Payment Grant, and become homeowners. The program offers free money to eligible applicants to help them buy a home inside of WA’s real estate market.

According to Joe Tafolla, owner of Real Estate WA: “Growing up I always had a love for beautiful homes but it wasn’t until I started my first business landscaping the awe-inspiring homes in Seattle’s prestigious North Capital Hill neighborhoods that I truly fell in love with them. By the time I graduated from UW I was already a Jr. Loan Officer and ready to conquer a mountain. That mountain turned out to be the recession and it taught me how to properly structure and package loans in a way that we have full transparency and a smooth transaction every time. I specialize in the NHF Platinum free down payment grant which I have been using since 2013.”

Typically the down payment requirements for a Washington State FHA loan will be 3 or 5% of the purchase price of the home. However, it’s not necessary that this down payment comes from the buyer. It can be a grant, or a gift from family. Those who are considering purchasing a home in Washington, but are having issues coming up with the necessary down payment, Real Estate WA has the answer. Its NHF Platinum Down Payment Assistance Grant is applicable for Real Estate purchases in Washington State up to $430,000. The grant is available for a limited time period and anybody can apply for it. However, in order to qualify for this grant, there are certain requirements to fulfill, such as having a minimum credit score of 640, 2 year employment history, and qualify maximum total annual income, to name a few.

The Free NHF Platinum Down Payment Assistance Grant from Real Estate WA has several benefits, such as:
- FHA and Conventional Loan Compatible
- Finance Multi Family Residence
- Award Winning Mortgage Team
- Expert Mortgage Service

For more information, or to apply for this program, simply visit:

About Real Estate WA
Founded by Joe Tafolla, Real Estate WA is a Seattle based mortgage firm that specializes in providing home buyers best mortgage financing solutions that can save them thousands of bucks over the life of their loan.