Media Freeware says that they have brought out eBook standard known as Epub that is an acronym for electronic publication that is used by readers on their computers and mobile devices for reading eBooks. The format for this tool has been developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum. Media Freeware says that with the help of this tool, readers can change the font of the original text so that they will be able to read the eBooks comfortably. This means with the help of Epub Reader, readers can have the eBooks in the form they want them to be.

Media Freeware proudly claims that when this app is used, the presentation of the eBooks automatically changes according to the software on the devices used by the readers. Readers have to set the format of just a single page so that the format on the remaining pages will automatically change also. There is no hassle of setting the format for every page, says Media Freeware.

Media Freeware points out another advantage also which is that with the help of the Epub Reader , the files that are being read can be zipped on the Epub. In short, readers will have a number of options on a single file. Since the readers can know all the information about the appearance of every folder, they can make the necessary changes upfront, says Epub Reader.

They add that readers can use the option of zooming in or zooming out the text according to their requirements. The readers have to just open the Free Epub Reader for viewing the list of contents on the file on the left side of the screen. The right side displays the book the readers have chosen to read. Media Freeware cautions the users that the graphics, pictures, etc. if any, will be reproduced differently on the Epub and they may not be similar to how they are shown in the printed version.

About Epub Reader

Epub Reader is an app that can help eBook readers change the formats of their eBooks according to their requirements. Readers will have a number of options to choose from this app.

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