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Leading regional accounting and business consulting firm Rea & Associates, a company with locations in Dublin and 10 other cities throughout the state of Ohio, has announced their ability to provide services designed to meet the specific needs of government agencies.

Rea & Associates provides services for government agencies with an understanding that they are relied upon to provide the educational, fiscal, safety & security and other needs that the public depends on. Because of their status as social institutions, government agencies, and those organizations and institutions that contract with the government, are held to high standards of accountability. These standards of accountability are especially high, Rea & Associates acknowledges, when it comes to financial reporting practices that are often subject to strict, complex rules and regulations.

Because of the strict compliance requirements of government agencies, Rea & Associates has come to understand that an agency’s ability to address these requirements is indicative of their overall success. “The strongest agencies are those that establish and maintain strong policies, internal controls and financial reporting practices. Doing so not only reinforces [the agency’s] credibility as a community leader, it promotes trust and goodwill among the men, women and children [they] serve every day,” Rea observes.

The Ohio financial services firm has decades of experience addressing the unique financial concerns. Rea has worked with government agencies in Ohio for more than 75 years, including many different boards of education and city councils. http://www.reacpa.com/podcast/

One main area of Rea’s work with government agencies involves compliance services. Specifically, Rea provides both internal and external audits, as well as conversion of financial statements to comply with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Their proactive business solutions, including bank reconciliation and fraud controls, have also been utilized effectively by government agencies. Government agencies may benefit particularly from Rea’s Red Flag Reporting, a fraud deterrence service that helps organizations implement measures to identify and prevent potential fraudulent financial activity. Further details and government services provided can be found at http://www.reacpa.com/government-contract-accounting/

Rea & Associates has over 75 years of experience serving the state of Ohio and over 200 employees who specialize in various aspects of accounting and business consulting services. In addition to serving government agencies, the financial services firm also has experience and tailored services for businesses in the Plain community, construction industry, manufacturing industry, nonprofit sector, medical industry and more. Individuals with tax and audit needs are also served by the Rea & Associates Dublin office, along with their 10 other locations across the state of Ohio. For more information on the services they offer and how they may benefit a particular financial situation, the company may be contacted using the information below.

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