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Rea & Associates, a leading financial services firm of CPAs and business consultants with 11 locations throughout the state of Ohio, has announced a focus on providing services tailored to Ohio’s Plain community.

The CPA firm, from their Rea & Associates Zanesville location and their other 10 offices in Ohio, has significant experience providing financial advice and expertise for the Plain community, including the Amish and Mennonite population resulting in hundreds of Plain community businesses choosing to work with Rea & Associates. Among the Plain community industries Rea has worked with in the past include furniture manufacturers, food manufacturers and a diverse group of other businesses and organizations.

The business relationship between Rea and the Plain community has grown to the point that Rea now publishes a quarterly print newspaper, Plain and Simple, , with content directed at addressing the business needs of the Plain community. Rea & Associates also frequently holds speaking engagements that address topics relevant to Plain community businesses. These outreach efforts at hotels, churches and other convenient venues are particularly important for Plain community businesses that otherwise may not have access to the important financial information and strategic advice. Some of the topics Rea frequently incorporates into their communication with the community are succession planning, strategic planning and utilizing debt to promote business growth.

Rea & Associates also makes a specific effort to tailor their Plain community services to the needs of the individual business they work with. The financial services firm explains, “When we begin working with business owners in the Plain community, we set goals based on their mission and vision. If they do not have a clear mission and vision, we assist them using our value enhancement score card which helps business owners prioritize their needs.” The Ohio CPA and consulting firm also specifically mentions Lean Six Sigma consulting and QuickBooks consulting as among the services they offer to these businesses. Further details can be found at

In addition to Plain community businesses, Rea & Associates also offers financial services specific to many different industries including construction, dental, manufacturing, medical, oil & gas and the non-profit sector. The services they provide include accounting, consulting, business valuation, benefit plan services and many more services that may be of benefit to both businesses and individuals.

Rea & Associates is a leading regional accounting and business consulting firm in Ohio. They possess more than 70 years of experience serving the state of Ohio. The company has grown steadily into one of the top 100 public accounting firms in the country. For more information on Rea & Associates and the services they offer, the firm may be contacted by using the information below.

Company: Rea & Associates CPA Firm
Address: 905 Zane Street, 2nd Floor, Zanesville, OH 43701
Phone: 740-452-2900
Fax: 740-454-3292
Email: [email protected]