09 December, 2013: The Andhra Pradesh Youth Congress General Secretary distributed fruits, sweaters to the children. His parents also attended the event.

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Ravi Kumar Yadav, the General Secretary of Andhra Pradesh Youth Congress, celebrated World’s Aids Day at the Mahima Ministries Orphans Home in Ameenpur.

He attended the celebration of World’s Aids Day at the Ministers Orphans Home and distributed sweaters and fruits to child inmates of the home.

Members of the Mahima Ministries Orphans Home at Ameenpur organized a function to celebrate World Aids Day on December 01. Ravi Kumar along with his parents attended the event to promote awareness of the program and lend his helping hand to children of the orphanage.

According to a spokesperson of Andhra Pradesh Youth Congress, “It is our social responsibility to organize such event where we celebrated the day with these beautiful kids. They are very happy kids and we feel privileged to be a part of their life for few hours.”

The spokesperson also added, “Our leader is very compassionate about residents of his constituency and takes strive to work for people at the grassroot level. His parents also attended the program and enquired about the functions of the orphan home. They promised to extend their help to the home for betterment of the inmates.”

Kids were visibly happy during the entire event where they are playfully made aware of HIV related problems. The educative initiative proved successful as the kids and Ravi Kumar was having great time.

Digvijay Yadav, a member of the orphanage says, “We are happy that a leader of this stature came and visited the children on this day. His support and inspiring words also lifted our spirit to help these children to fight their distress and see a ray of hope for the future. His parents also promised to lend their helpful hand in our mission”

The function on the occasion of World Aids Day offered him a genuine chance to stand by the distressed children of the home and motivate them by distributing sweaters and fruits.


Ravi Kumar Yadav, an enthusiastic young leader and general secretary of Andhra Pradesh Youth Congress, ventures to motivate the youth through various activities across the constituency. He takes pride to propagate social awareness through actively participating in many programs. For details, visit http://www.ravikumaryadav.com/