29, February 2016: Rachel is an expert on the electric self-balancing scooter. He is rather positive about Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter. Airwheel was established as a brand of electric scooter in the year of 2013. Through a short time R & D, it has created its own patented products and technology. Even it innovates its unique models like Q-series Q5 and the sit-on model like A3. In view of such gained achievements and the rapid development on the part of Airwheelself-balancing electric scooter, Rachel makes a sanguine interpretation about the future of Airwheel. He believes that there is a good chance for Airwheel to make another revolutionary stride in design, technology and energy.


In the last two years, Airwheel sale volume rose annually. Its business expanded to European Continent and South-east Asia. Rachel thinks Airwheel sale volume will face another soar. Why does Rachel make such statement? He refers to the last year sale volume of Airwheel. Airwheel exported millions of sets of intelligent self-balancing scooters to overseas market. Besides, it is reasonable that the data will rise sharply in the next year. What’re more, the high momentum will be kept for years to come. Considering the achievements Airwheel gained in design, innovation and technology, Rachel thinks Airwheel has been ahead of time.

At the same time, Rachel takes it that Airwheelself-balancing electric scooter needs go on with the business expansion into the European market and Asian market. European countries are economically developed and the people are better-off to buy more electric self-balancing scooters. Of course, they will require much.


This calls for Airwheel to carry on with its innovation. Asian market is densely populated. The large population base owns a great potential market. During promotion and development on the part of Airwheelself-balancing electric scooter, Rachel advises it to keep a close eye to Asian market. It is imperative for Airwheel to do such for electric scooter.

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