A home-funded eCommerce store, with exclusive range products for women, kids, men and home!

Ahmedabad, India — March, 2016 -- ‘Quoche’, the curator of lifestyle products opened its online store in December 2015. The brand prides itself on sourcing a variety of products from different corners of India. As of now, Quoche products are shipped only in India but soon they are planning to open the eShoppe for international shoppers as well.

‘’We are thrilled to get a very good response from the Indian market. In the 3 months of operation, we have managed to reach out to customers in Metro cities like Kolkata, Mumbai etc. to tier II cities like Mysore, Coimbatore and more!” says the co-founder of Quoche, Ms. Aritra Raj. ‘Quoche’ is essentially a family venture, managed by Aritra Raj. Having a strong background in Digital Marketing and PR, she handles product sourcing, vendor management, and marketing. Her husband, Raj, takes care of the financial aspect of ‘Quoche’, along with operating his textile business. Mr. C.R. Venugopal, a self-made businessman, with over 30 years of experience in trading, exports and running a profit making business, is the business advisor for ‘Quoche’.

Product Range — Biggest Strength of Quoche
According to Raj, “The fact that we have left no stone unturned in researching our product range and stocking the same successfully, is the biggest strength of ‘Quoche’. Be it for women or for kids, each and every product is special”. The immediate plan of Quoche is to reach out to maximum number of customers through multimedia channel and grow organically. “The fact that we have sustained in crowded space is the biggest motivating factor. We are not backed by humongous investor funds to spend behind marketing or give our customers really tempting offers. Our growing base of customers simply love our product range and that restores my faith in my venture.” Considering the fact that handmade products are rare and come at price, the products at ‘Quoche’ are quite reasonably priced.

Bestsellers at Quoche
The bestselling products of Quoche are the Nursing covers for new mothers, fabric beaded accessories for women, Sabaii grass table ware and the designer thread lamps. To know more about Quoche and their upcoming events, online and offline, contact Ms. Aritra Raj at +8870855552 or email, [email protected] .