Oral cancer is a broad category that includes all kind of cancer that appears anywhere in the mouth, including the lips, tongue, cheeks, gum, hard and soft palate, sinuses, floor of the mouth, and pharynx (throat). Some of the oral cancer even affects the back of the mouth and the lining of the throat. Though different types of oral cancer exhibit different symptoms based on the position of the cancerous tumor, but there are some common symptoms of oral cancer, such as patches on the lining of the mouth or tongue, usually red or red and white, bleeding, pain, or numbness in different parts of the mouth, oral ulcers or sores that do not heal, lump or thickening of the gums or lining of the mouth, swelling in the jaw, poorly fitting dentures, difficulty in chewing or swallowing, and difficulty in moving the tongue or jaw.

Like other cancers, oral cancer also needs early detection for better recovery. A biopsy is the most convincing method to confirm the presence of cancer in any part of the mouth, jaws, or neck. To determine the stage of cancer, the actual position of the tumor, and determine the course of treatment, doctors need to perform some other physical and lab tests also. Some of the commonly performed oral cancers screening tests are dental x-ray, CT scan, MRI; even sometimes chest x-ray is also done to check whether cancer has spread to lungs.

On confirmed cancer detection, the oncologists generally recommend surgery to remove the tumor and a margin of healthy tissue around it. The oral cancer surgery may involve removal of part of the tongue, the jawbone, and lymph nodes. Apart from surgery, patients may also need radiation therapy and chemotherapy to control the growth of cancer. Trans-oral Robotic Surgery (TORS) is one of the cutting-edge oral cancer treatment procedures, which allows the surgeon to access those areas through the mouth that their hands probably couldn't reach.

The cost of different types of cancer treatment is comparatively reasonable than western countries without compromising the treatment quality. Even the oral cancer screening test cost in India is also quite affordable, the same as the treatment cost.

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