A local family avoided repossession as Quick Home Buyers stepped in at the 11th hour. The family would have lost their home on Christmas, but the company used its quick house sale methods to help. Having three children and facing the risk of losing their home was not a good thing during the holiday, but now the Bakers have something to be thankful for. No fees were even charged during the process. In addition, the family received help from a firm with years of industry experience.


Even if the mortgage value is higher than the value of the property, the company offers sales options. There is also no commitment required for a quote and legal matters are also dealt with. With all of these benefits combined, a great deed was done for a family that just wanted to celebrate Christmas in the comfort of their own home.


Not only did the company avert the repossession. Its hassle free house sales are fast; each transaction happens in the fraction of the time a real estate agent operates. Quick House Sales is the place to go if one wants to sell property fast. It’s not just about convenience; homeowners also have experience on their side.


Regarding the move of Quick Home Buyers — “Christmas is a time where everybody deserves to spend time with their family in the family home. Losing a home is never easy but a quick house sale provides an alternative,” James Wood, PR Manager for Quick Home Buyers, said.


For more information, go to http://www.webuyanyhouseproperty.co.uk/.


About Quick Home Buyers


Quick Home Buyers is a team of property experts specializing in quick house sales. They possess years of industry and customer experience and can buy properties within two working days, yet are as flexible to accommodate the customer’s needs. Free consultations and personal advice are also provided.


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