Dov Simens with his 2-Day Film School, the course that Quentin Tarantino, along with Will Smith, Spike Lee & George Clooney credit for launching their filmmaking careers will be presented in Kuala Lumpur on March 19th-20th.

Mr Simens, voted “America’s #1 Film Instructor” by the National Association of Film Instructors, whose graduates’ films have grossed over US$12 Billion globally in the past decade, states “Malaysia actually has too much talent among its writer, directors and actors for its small theatrical revenue base and needs to know how to produce global digital stories for the independent marketplace, while maximizing on-demand revenues in order to profit.”

The course is presented in two sessions. Saturday is Filmmaking where Mr Simens teaches how to write, budget, schedule, direct, shoot and edit an independent feature. Then on Sunday is Dealmaking where he shows how to produce, finance, market, distribute and sell that feature film not just to Malaysians but also to Singapore, China, South East Asia and attend festivals like Sundance and Cannes to procure Hollywood and European deals.

The Malaysian film industry is commencing a boom period, thanks to FINAS, and its 30% incentive program and Pinewood Studios Iskandar providing professional training as film production has gone from only 39 movies in 2010 to 76 movies last year. The key, according to Mr Simens to profiting still lies in telling a story that goes global both through the digital and theatrical distribution worlds.

Dov’s first course was in Singapore with the MDA and had attendees ranging from Eric Khoo, to Jack Neo & Kelvin Tong and looks forward to creating great global directors from Malaysia’s talent pool. Course is also applicable for Tamil & Mandarin filmmakers.

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