Finally, it has been done. Recording artist/Entertainer Keldamuzik also known as “Diva”, has certainly completed the video that everyone has been anticipating, “Queen for a Night”. The mid tempo glorious, dreamy, storytelling song has been released by AMAdea Music, but the video was put on hold due to conflicts of scheduling with other projects at hand. The video will revamp the campaign of Queen for a Night and manifest the comeback of Diva’s late music career. Images of the video have been surfacing online as well as on social media of Kelda and her girls representing the concept of what it’s like to be a queen for a night. The message of her song explains everything that she has done to achieve upper class status of being put on a pedestal, and being admired, loved, acknowledged and worthy. There’s a time in a girl’s life where she has to embrace and cherish the moments of being on a level that she’s not normally on. It’s not always about beauty, but brains and skill that lead to the attention one desires. This is what Queen for a Night illustrates throughout the video.

Hailing from San Jose California, Keldamuzik has always had a passion for music. She has toured in areas such as Japan and has continuous ongoing tours in the Caribbean. After releasing a total of 4 albums and 4 singles independently, Keldamuzik briefly put her music on hold to focus her attention on branding herself in other areas of the entertainment industry. After taking out time to build up her name in areas of TV/Film, fashion, and community projects, Keldamuzik once again  refocused her efforts back into her music career.. Like a diva, she plans to do music at her own pace as opposed to being pressured to release albums every 6 months. Queen For A Night is certainly a radio hit and not only has the catchy hook grabbed the attention of her audience, but it has even more so with the assembling of a talented group of individuals to not only bring out the visualization in the video, but to also utilize their talent with the power of social networking to market her art. With the help of super video/music producer and photographer Anthony Jackson of Dofinnity Ent, and celebrity image consultant Helen Owens of “Her Secret”, the production of the video came out spectacular. The video also includes other looks and scenes personally included by Keldamuzik to better demonstrate the lyrics that describe the concept of the track.

“Not every girl has a moment of being Queen For A Night”. All I can say is make everyday as if you were queen for a night and never loose your imagination or stop dreaming””, Kelda stated. Queen for a Night has been released this week and will circulate through various media outlets. The single is currently available on ITunes and the re-launch of its radio campaign will start this month. Keldamuzik herself could not be more excited to return to the music game as a recording artist and show the world the passion she has for music . With filming videos and  releasing popular singles, Keldamuzik lives up to the word “muzik”  at the end of her name.

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