There are over 38 million home based businesses across the United States. The newly launched Quattro Education System aims to help all of them succeed thanks to its revolutionary, entrepreneurial skills training program.

With the world slowly recovering from the massive economic recession, more and more people are finding that they can function better by starting their own home businesses. However, many of them fail for one reason. No, it is not because they don't have the funds to start up their home based business, but according to the founders of the Quattro Educating System, which has just been launched, it is because they lack the knowledge. It takes a comprehensive understanding of how to go about making money online and running a home business, which is the main reason for people not making it. The Quattro Education System was expertly developed for that specific purpose - to train people in running their home business.

What is the Quattro Education System?

Quattro Education System teaches various entrepreneurial skills as well as advanced computer training, so that members can really take their online business to new heights. According to, there is one new home based business starting every 12 seconds. That means that there are millions of people just in the United States who are willing to get the best advice and tutelage that this program has to offer.

Once you visit you will have access to a variety of videos and information that shows you exactly how to go about registering. Once you have signed up for a 30 day tutoring program, you will become an Education Coordinator and you will have the ability then sign up more people under your name. This allows you to earn a great residual income, while you learn!

What Training Is Offered?

When you join the Quattro Education System you will become part of an online school and can attend online classes both day and night, 5 days a week. These classes consist of both individual instruction, as well as group mentoring sessions. One of the most beneficial aspects of the way that this online school is run, is that all the live training sessions are recorded, so if you happen to miss one you can still watch it later on. This is ideal for those who have to complete the training in their spare time or after their normal work hours.

What Does the Quattro Training System Consist of?

When you join the Quattro Education System, you become an instructor and as people continue to renew their memberships with you and continue their training, you will continue to earn commission from them. The great thing about this program is that you earn 100% commission and it is paid directly to you. It does not get paid to Quattro, nor do they get involved in your finances in any way. This eventually leads from being an instructor to being a consultant and the more you support, advise and back them up, the longer they will stay with you.

The Revenue System Explained

On you will be able to watch 2 videos that explain the system in complete detail and they also go into detail about how the revenue system works. They call this the Reverse 2 Up Formula, and basically it works on the number 4. So, if you join Quattro Education System, and you get 4 people that join your group, whether you bring them in, or whether they come to join on their own or some other way, they are split in half. The first 2 people will stay in your group and become part of your residual income stream, and 2 of them will be placed with the person that first introduced you, so they also get to benefit from your success. This means that if one of your group gains 4 people, they will keep 2 and you will be sent the other 2 people. So, basically what happens, as you can see is that your group will continue to grow as people are added to your level, without you being required to source and add any more people of your own. Your group and therefore your income will grow automatically, as the Quattro Education System ensures that this takes place.

The Main Benefit

Looking at the site it shows that there is one specific benefit that everyone receives. You don't have to go out and find people to join your group. There is no marketing required on your part - all you have to do is sit back and let the placement specialists from the Quattro Education System do this for you!

With an exciting program that teaches entrepreneurial skills and allows you to earn money while you earn in an easy, automated way, the is something that everyone needs to have a look at!

Quattro Education System