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Quantum Health Machine Treats Any Health Condition
New Lenox, Il, 11/17/2015 — According to Miracle Alternatives, LLc the have developed one of the very few health machines that works by using Quantum healing energy. The machine is called the Miracle PEMF Machine.
The Miracle PEMF Machine can treat and many times can cure hundreds of unwanted and life-threatening health conditions.
If you are not familiar with (PEMF) it stands for pulsed electro magnetic field.
Quantum PEMF Healing Energy Explained??
How the machine works. In order to restore optimal cell functions, the Full Spectrum Frequency Machine uses specific frequencies to retune cellular signaling. Healthy cells and tissues radiate frequencies of a coherent nature. Diseased cells and tissues radiate frequencies of a chaotic nature. The Full Spectrum Frequency Machine is able to correct chaotic frequencies and turn them into a coherent, integrated whole. This is because the machine includes the entire spectrum of frequencies, assuring that all dysfunctional cells are targeted and affected.
When these corrections are made on an energetic level, the body can go about healing itself on a physical level. In the process, normal cells are strengthened while mutated cells are destroyed, since anything unnatural in the body causes an imbalance and is considered a foreign object by the immune system.
In energetic medicine, the vibrations of the body are known as physiological oscillations. The disharmonious oscillations are called pathological, and have a disturbed, uneven flow. The harmonious oscillations have an undisturbed, smooth flow. This machine thus removes disharmonious, disturbed oscillations from the body and replaces them with harmonious, smooth-flow oscillations. This correction of oscillations also slows the process of aging.
The signal emitted by the Full Spectrum Frequency Machine is neither steady nor constant. Rather, it is a controlled scan through a range of frequencies. The Miracle PEMF Machine, through a controlled system of frequency waves, finds the frequency that the body needs to bring balance to one’s system. It acts like a guided missile, which will eventually hit the target, wiping out the “foreign objects” so the normal cells can create balance. The waves find and destroy the foreign objects (parasites, viruses, cancer cells) in the body, stimulating cellular detoxification.
The cellular membranes around cancer, viruses and parasites are very thick. The wave of the frequency machine destroys these thick membranes in order to expose the parasite or virus and to give the body a chance to eliminate it. When the membrane is broken, the dysfunctional cell cannot survive. The body through sweat, bowel movement, or urination then eliminates it.
The Miracle PEMF wave is a rejuvenation mode of the machine. It brings balance to the body so that it can regenerate itself. This phase of the treatment boosts one’s immune system, bringing more oxygen into the blood and balancing the body.

A healthy body will have certain energy frequencies moving through their body that define health, while an unhealthy horse will exhibit other, different energy frequencies that define disorders. The Miracle PEMF Metric Transmitter heals by applying appropriate frequencies to balance the discordant frequencies of sickness. Miracle PEMF unit uses "frequency" not in its standard meaning but to describe an imputed energy type, which does not correspond to any property of energy in the scientific sense.
Having done this, the practitioner may use the Miracle PEMF unit as a special device known as an oscilloclast to broadcast vibrations at the horse in order to attempt to bring balance.
Miracle PEMF operate on principles based on Quantum Physics, not primarily upon the physical body directly, but upon the subtle energy auric fields which are undetected by the normal senses and but which support life and are essential for its functioning. Miracle PEMF unit is a therapeutic procedure which can be used to discover the higher dimensional energetic disturbances underlying pathology and to encourage the reappearance of normal energetic fields which support health. It does not replace nor interfere with other forms of medical care, but supplements them.
Because the Miracle PEMF Machine uses Quantum healing technology here is a short list of unwanted health conditions the machine can treat;
Pain Relief - Alzheimer’s Disease - Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis - Arthritis - Asthma - Atherosclerosis - Bone Healing - Bronchitis - Burns - Cervical Osteoarthritis - Chronic Venous Insufficiency - Dental Problems - Depression - Diabetes - Elbow Pain - Endometriosis/Endometritis - Epilepsy - Eye Disorders - Facial Nerve Neuropathy/Paralysis - Fibromyalgia - Glaucoma - Gynecology - Headache - Hearing Loss - Heart Disease - Herpetic Stomatitis - Hypertension - Insomnia - Kidney Failure/Inflammation/Stones - Knee Pain - Laryngeal Inflammation - Leprosy - Limb Lengthening - Liver/ Hepatitis - Lupus Erythematosus - Lymphadenitis - Mandibular Osteomyelitis - Maxillofacial Disorders - Migraine - Multiple Sclerosis - Muscle Rehabilitation - Muscular Dystrophy - Neck Pain - Nerve Regeneration - Neuropathy - Optic Nerve Atrophy - Osteochondrosis - Osteoporosis - Pain - Pancreatitis - Parkinson’s Disease - Paroxysmal Dyskinesia - Pelvic Pain - Peptic - Duodenal Ulcer - Periodontitis - Peripheral Neuropathy - Pneumonia - Poisoning - Detoxification - Post-Mastectomy - Post-Polio Syndrome - Post-Herpetic Pain - Prostatitis - Pseudoarthrosis - Psoriasis - Rheumatoid Arthritis - Schizophrenia - Seasonal Affective Disorder - Shoulder Pain - Sinusitis - Sleep — Insomnia - Spinal Cord Injury - Stroke - Tendonitis - Tinnitus - Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation - Trophic Ulcer - Tubal Pregnancy - Tuberculosis - Urinary Incontinence - Urinary Inflammation — Trauma - Uterine Myoma - Vasomotor Rhinitis - Vestibular Dysfunction - Whiplash - Wound Healing - osteoporosis - Wrinkles - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Erectile Dysfunction Disorder - Chakra Energy Balancing Osteoporosis - Helps Reduce Chemotherapy Side Effects Such As Nausea Bone And Muscle Strengthening

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Summary: Miracle Alternatives, LLC sells over 200 holistic health machines. The all new Miracle PEMF Machine is currently their most popular selling machine. Much of it is due to the large variety of unwanted health conditions it can treat.
To learn more visit the Miracle PEMF web page for descriptions and actual product demonstration videos.
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