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New, bigger-capacity Combined Heat and Power systems from Andover-based shentongroup were the star of the show at this year’s UK AD & Biogas for larger organisations looking to reduce their carbon footprints and energy bills.

The Quanto range of CHP units from Tedom was unveiled to an enthusiastic gathering of individuals, all of whom attended UK AD & Biogas to learn how their organisations can thrive through anaerobic digestion.  A number of Quanto units operate using the resulting biogas, a far greener and cheaper fuel.  As with all CHP systems, the Quanto units then convert the heat produced through electricity generation into hot water and heating.

As the UK and Ireland’s sole distributor of the Tedom range of CHP units, shentongroup staff fielded questions on Combined Heat and Power, as well as the Quanto range, which boasts electrical outputs as high as 10426kW with 9825kW heat output.  Quanto units running on biogas deliver electricity up to 2000kW, with heat outputs of circa 2157kW.

shentongroup Technical Director, Derek Barry, detailed the interest the show generated in the new units: “The entire Tedom range is very well received wherever we take it, but the new Quanto range opens up a whole new range of possibilities for larger organisations wanting to utilise biogas, a fuel becoming much more favoured and readily available, thanks to it’s carbon-neutrality and affordability’.  Derek continued: “The new biogas-fuelled Quanto units from Tedom are suitable for most larger organisations with high hot water demands and are available in open module, sound enclosure, container and modular designs”.

Often referred to as the UK’s leading technical experts in Standby Power, Uninterruptible Power Supplier and Combined Heat & Power Systems, shentongroup provides a wealth of free technical and educational resources through its website; www.shentongroup.co.uk.  This includes case studies, whitepapers, datasheets, as well as the latest news from the world of CHP and continuous power.

Companies wishing to reduce their carbon footprint whilst making big savings through their energy supplies are encouraged to discuss combined heat and power and the new Quanto units from Tedom with a member of the shenongroup technical team on 0844 888 444 5.
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