Oklahoma City, OK; August 22nd: All American hail repair is a certified Paintless Dent Repair company in Oklahoma. With a team of extremely professional individuals who uses the state of the art technology, All American Hail Repair makes sure your vehicle leaves their shop spotless and dent free. 

Hailstorms have been the undeniable natural phenomenon in the various parts of the states. The recent hailstorms of 2013 damaged an overall property of $1 Billion in Oklahoma itself. And alike all the entities, the vehicles suffer the wrath of Mother Nature with extreme dents and damaged body parts. In a situation like this, the folks of Oklahoma City and the metro area know where exactly they are supposed to be. All American Hail Repair offers services to the customers on a personal basis ensuring their satisfaction level to be optimum. 

All American Hail Repair focuses on hail repair, dent removal and door ding. They also provide unmatched assistance in any sort of body damage and tend to complete the process in 5 to 7 days. The customers can apply for the insurance claims as well. With the guarantee to beat any quote from its competitors, All American Hail Repair seem determined over the notion of providing quality services to its customers in least time interval. 

Why customers should choose All American Hail Repair 

- They welcome Insurance claims by the customers - Each vehicle is treated with care and made sure it is ready within a weeks’ time.
- A rental car is offered during the interval of repair that to absolutely free.
- Under the referral program ‘Rock n’ Roll Cash Money’ they provide those customers with $100 in cash who refer All American Hail Repair to other beneficiaries.
- Customers don’t need to pay any deductible

“I am overly satisfied with the service. All American Hail Repair was affordable, reliable and got my car done in 3 days, plus they arranged a rental car for me in the meantime.” – Mike Jeff 

About All American Hail repair: 

All American Hail repair was started in 2008 in Oklahoma City, OK. Since then they have been competitive throughout the years and presently stand among the top Dent removal service in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas. 

For Media Contact:
Company: All American Hail Repair
Address: 2236 NW 10th St,
Suite 101, Oklahoma City, OK 73107
Phone: (405) 702-1331
Website: http://www.aahailrepair.com/